High Pressure Tubing


High pressure tubing can be found in a variety of sizes and connection types. These types of materials have a high working pressure of up to 65000 psi and can withstand operating temperatures between -320 to +800 degrees F. They can also be custom made and come in different lengths. These materials are often used in the chemical and research industries.


Chrom Tech High pressure tubing is available in metric and inch sizes and has a number of desirable features. These include chemical resistance, stainless steel push-to-connect fittings, and high heat resistance. Several high-pressure tube manufacturers also provide services such as product assembly and etching. For example, you may need to purchase high-pressure tubing for an injection molding project.


Chrom Tech Merit Medical high-pressure tubing is available in three different material configurations. These high-pressure tubing options can be connected to a rotating adapter or fixed male connector. These options are designed to meet all procedural requirements. Additionally, they feature an airless rotator that minimizes trapped air. It also helps organize the tubing and prevent contamination of the sterile field.


High pressure tubing is available from a custom manufacturer that is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Among other features, this type of tubing is resistant to seawater, ozone, and chemical agents. It is also aging and cut-resistant. Additionally, it is ideal for surface preparation and waterjet cutting. The tubing is readily available in stock and can be shipped to your facility the same day.


High-pressure tubing is often used in petroleum and chemical processing applications. While high-pressure steel tubing is the standard, high-pressure plastic tubing is increasingly popular in agriculture and consumer water delivery. Other popular uses for high-pressure plastic tubing include geothermal energy systems and compressed air lines. Moreover, the most common plastic material for high-pressure tubing is polyvinyl chloride (PVC-O). It is inexpensive, easy to work with, and resistant to corrosion.


Custom manufacturers offer polycarbonate and polyurethane high-pressure tubing. The tubing is designed to meet a variety of applications and is available in general-purpose, UV, high-temperature, and high-pressure grades. Additional secondary services include heat-treating, forming, and shearing. It is rust-resistant and ANSI-registered. Look for more facts about chromatography at https://www.britannica.com/science/paper-chromatography.

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